Getting Started

This document details the full technical specification of the FlashBox API.

Note that we have also a Postman Collection available to help you play around with our API.

We have two available environments: Sandbox and Production. Here's more detail on each including account setup information:

Sandbox Environment


The sandbox environment allows you to test your integration without sending requests and API calls without going through the live environment. It comes with a simulator that allows your orders to be handled by bots acting like real drivers.

To get set up in Sandbox Environment:



6 different mocking scenarios are provided here for having a better overview of different versions of response objects.

Production Environment


Our Production environment is where the real magic happens - you can create same-day and next-day orders in the real world! If you feel ready to move your code to production and start using the FlashBox API with real orders.

To get set up in Production: